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A 72 year old man caught with a human skull he exumed from the cemetry said "its a mistake"

72-year-old man caught with human skull in Osun says “Na mistake”
Police trailed Idris Ajao, 72, and arrested him with a skull he had exhumed from a cemetery

A 72-year-old man arrested in Iwo, Osun state for removing a human skull from a cemetery says he made a mistake.

Idris Ajao claimed to be a bricklayer, but said a herbalist Tajudeen Jawesola had assigned him to exhume skulls from graves in the cemetery in return for N10,000.
Police, acting on a tipoff, deployed around the cemetery and arrested him with a skull.
The Commissioner of Police in the state, Fimihan Adeoye said police detectives got the hint about the atrocities of Ajao and trailed him until he was caught with the skull.
Ajao told Daily Trust, “Mistake has no master.”
“It was Jawesola that asked me to get the human skull for him. Everybody knows Jawesola to be herbalist and he wanted to use the human skull to do his work. He said he would give me N10, 000. I should not have listened to him. It is a mistake”.
Police are still on the trail for Jawesola.

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    Ajao said,
    “It was JaSource;Daily Trust

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