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Fights, Disturbances and Chaos Breaks Out Malls Across the United States

Americans brought more than just unwanted gifts to the mall on Monday. They carried anger.
A series of apparently unconnected fights and disturbances broke out at malls across the country on the day after Christmas — known as "Boxing Day" in many British Commonwealth countries, for reasons unrelated to fisticuffs — leaving shoppers desperate for an exit and authorities struggling to wrangle unruly crowds.Several arrests and multiple injuries were reported — including an assault on an officer — and authorities and witnesses described panic-stricken scenes from Aurora, Colo. to East Garden City, N.Y.

In Manchester, Conn., police said what began as an unspecified "disturbance" among 10 teenagers on Monday afternoon quickly escalated as multiple fights broke out simultaneously, NBC Connecticut reported.

A video posted to Facebook shows a mass of people at the Shoppes at Buckland Hills
throwing wild punches, then fleeing with authorities and a large crowd giving chase.
"Never go to the mall right after Christmas," the accompanying post says.
A police officer was assaulted while trying to break up the fight, NBC Connecticut reported, and several people were arrested, though they had not been identified.

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