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MMM booming in Kenya with 40%

MMM Global

The popular scheme MMM that Froze operation in Nigeria for the month of December 2016 is Booming  in Kenya.

The website has gone live and the domain name was created on Friday, August 12, 2016.
MMM Kenya promises better returns for investors in the Ponzi scheme. In Nigeria and South Africa, MMM promised a 30% return for people who participated in the pyramid scheme. MMM Kenya promises 40% returns. "40%" was written boldly and clearly on the website.

MMM Kenya promises 40% returns play
MMM Kenya promises 40% returns 

MMM Kenya domain's name was registered in 133, Sakura House in Tokyo, Japan. The registrant's name is Anonymous Speech.
MMM Kenya already has a Facebook account and YouTube account. Kenyans are already trooping to sign up for the Ponzi scheme. There are already hundreds of testimonies and presentations on the YouTube channel.
MMM Kenya's Facebook page play
MMM Kenya's Face

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