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Mmm takes a big step to prevent the system from collapse.

Mmm has taken a huge step towards fostering a sustained and balanced system. This became necessary in the wake of the yelitude when most people do their heaviest spending. Mmm is a system that has helped bring people together to help each other by providing help and getting help, but when there are more people pledging to get help and less people pledging to provide help there will be imbalance in the system and that was what happened, more people were getting help without pledging to provide help forgetting that is the help they provide that will keep the system alive. Now the system has been paused to make it come back to normal . This means that people that are due to cash out their money will not have access to it till January and those that will pledge to provide help wont be merged to pay anyone till January.

It is sad though but patience is virtue and it is for the good of every one. Members have been adviced to provide help more especially with the 20% additional christmas bonus and to also introduce new members to provide help so that the system will be balanced by January. Mmm did not  crash because the site can still be be assessed. Its only on pause mode.
Long live mmm
Long live Nigeria
Togethar we change the  world.
Let's do this the power is in our hands.
 Meanwhile the mavro of those that provided help and those that are suppose
 to get help will be growing which is a plus provide help for your children's school fees and house rent for next year you will smile by January.

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