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Protesters stone President Macri's car and broke his windows

Protesters stone President Macri's car
The Argentine government says that a group of protesters has attacked President Mauricio Macri’s vehicle.
A group of 10 people threw stones at the car and broke two windows, but Mr Macri was not injured, says a statement issued by the president’s office.
He was on his way to a ceremony in the town of Villa Traful, some 1,600km (1,000 miles) south of Buenos Aires.

Argentine newspaper Clarin says two people have been arrested in connection with the attack.
Since taking office on 10 December 2015, Mr Macri has introduced a number of austerity measures to tackle inflation and boost the economy. The changes have prompted a series of protests and strikes called by Argentina’s powerful labour unions.
After the attack, Mr Macri went ahead with the scheduled event in Villa Traful, where he opened a new tourist information centre, and made a call for peace.
“We need a future without violence,” he said during his speech.

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