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The German chancellor Angela Merkel surprisingly calls for ban on the burka as she seeks a fourth term.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a ban on full-face veils in the country, during a speech at her party's conference on Tuesday.
"The full veil is not appropriate here, it should be forbidden wherever that is legally possible. It does not belong to us," she said at the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) gathering. 
In an astonishing U-turn, the German chancellor told her conservative CDU party conference that wearing the burka should be outlawed 'wherever that is legally possible' (file picture)

Her comments were met with sustained applause by the audience.

It's not the first time party leaders have proposed banning the Islamic dress, with Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere also calling for the veil to barred from public places in August.
"It does not fit into our society for us, for our communication, for our cohesion in the society.... This is why we demand you show your face," he said at the time.

The 62-year-old (pictured today) stressed her determination to ensure there is no repeat of last year's huge migrant influx as she seeks a new term in charge of her conservative party

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