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This won't sit well with Trump, Obama wins the most admired man in America.

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Since Gallup began asking Americans the people they admired the most, there's been a consistent pattern: Whoever was president or president-elect was almost always the man the country admired the most. The most admired woman? Usually someone who had been married to a president.
Only five times has the most admired man in the country not been a president — past, current or elected. And in 2016, the trend continued, with President Obama retaining the title he's held since 2008.

For each of the past 15 years, the most admired woman has been a very particular former first lady: Hillary Clinton. Clinton has been named America's most admired woman 21 times, the most of any winner of the title. It's often been a squeaker, such as when she narrowly edged out Sarah Palin in 2009. But in 2016, as in years past, no woman has been identified as the most admired more than
Source; The Washington post
Her opponent in this year's presidential contest, though, didn't fare quite as well. Donald Trump had the most support of any second-place finisher over the past decade, but it wasn't enough to catch Obama. The percentage of the population that identifies him as the man they admire the most has consistently outpaced the field since he earned the top spot.
This news, coming at this moment, will probably be somewhat galling to Trump.

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