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Alex Ekubo pens to whom it may concern letter to fans, reminds them that celebrities fart, eat and love just like others.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This 2017 Keep your eyes on the Ball & whatever happens NEVER loose sight of the Ball. Focus selfishly on urself, don't bother urself with anything that doesn't add Growth of any kind to your life. Rid yourselves of bitterness, anger & jealousy, if someone buys a new car be happy for them, if someone decides to get married wish them luck & move on, if someone makes progress of any kind, be Happy, its not your place to judge if its right or wrong, Only God sits thats High. Pls we Entertainers are just as human as you, we fart, sleep, eat, love, make mistakes, hurt & feel pain like you do, Don't bother yourself with anybodies "wrong choices", its hard enough for them already, commenting maliciously will only make matters worse, if you really care just say a silent prayer & move On. All this petty rumors that some people have taken upon themselves to constantly recycle & give mouth to mouth resuscitation, its time to let it die Permanently. If a gun was pointed to your head & you are asked to reaffirm the gist/s that you have been peddling & if you are wrong you would be shot, Would you take that Chance?? Moral of the Story? if your tiny eyes didn't see it, don't let your big mouth say it. Also can we pls stop pointless criticism,it doesn't help anyone or the industry, we are not where we want to be, but we are certainly not where we used to be, don't "comman" use your Avengers or Superman taste to judge our struggling Nollywood, those Hollywood blockbusters have outrageous budgets, ranging from 80million dollars - 800million dollars, so pls bear with us we are doing the best we can. This is the year of the Underdog, the year of the marginalized,Find what you're good at & chase it like your lives depends on it, because actually it does, nobody has any excuses anymore, I've seen beggars ride on horses & princes beg for bread, Where-ever you are right now is a Starting point, stop blaming the government (for now) & save yourself, all those evil & nonchalant leaders don't worry about them, the Thunder that would "Faya" them is doing Mannequin Challenge. Finally, its Day 7, you still have 358 days to make 2017 your year, Rise up & Own it!
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