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Optical illusions from the natural world that will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief

A man called horse at a race course in Malbourne
Don't worry - your eyes are not deceiving you.These pictures are sheer animal magic as photographers around the world captured a series of optical illusions from the natural world.
In one of the pictures a giraffe appears to sprout a second head. The incredible image - that is actually of two giraffes sizing each other up before a fight - was captured by Scottish GP Steve Garvie while on safari in Kenya.In another shot from the UK some cows seem to be grazing on a bungalow roof. The bizarre photograph was taken in Newton Abbot, Devon, by snapper Ian Wilson.
Cows appears to be grazing on top of the roof
A giraff appears to sprout two necks
An owl turns a frown upside down, in north east France
A penguin lost its head

Two Zebra seems to be joined  into one

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