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Daddy Freeze has this to say about Obama's expolsion of 35 Russian diplomats following election hacking accusation,

Barack Hussein Obama is by my standards a weak leader to say the least…. By claiming to the world that Russia hacked the elections, he just admitted the following things.
1. Russia is superior to America with regards to technology especially cyber technology.
2. Russia can decide the next American president.
3. He was a weak leader, as this occurred right under his very nose ——————————–
Russia was able to finally get a cease fire in Aleppo, while America was unable to achieve this has also made America look less capable under the Obama administration.
There is a song we used to sing back in school, during lackluster performances and I want to dedicate that song to Obama, who has 3 weeks left in office;
E she, e she o, e wa ma loo

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